Link anywhere

Link to Specific Parts of the Page

Pinpoint lets you create and share links to specific parts of a page. They’re called pins, and they mean instead of leaving your friends lost at the top of a page, you can send them a link that will point them right at what you want them to see. Simply right click on anything you want to link to, and select “Create Pin”. A picture, a paragraph, or anything else: Pinpoint takes you there.

Beautiful Highlighting

Pinpoint automatically scrolls to and highlights the linked part of the page, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. Better yet, Pinpoint’s highlighting blends in seamlessly with Safari’s, so you’ll feel right at home.

Built-In Link Shortening

Pinpoint has support for link shortening services like and, so you can have your pinpoints automatically shortened for easy sharing on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Graceful Degradation

If your friends don’t have Pinpoint, they can still use your pins just like normal links. And since Pinpoint always creates the most compatible pin, in many cases they’ll still be pointed right at what you want them to see, even without Pinpoint.

Cross-Browser Support

Not using Safari? No problem! You can download Pinpoint for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera as well.