Karan Lyons

Born in Boston to a Kashmiri mother and a Missourian father, Karan split his time between Boston, London, and Hyderabad, and began acting in musicals when he was eight. He went on to explore all of theatre: writing, directing, lighting, sound design, and even set construciton in addition to acting before moving to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts.

His skills backstage supported him at USC while he continued to explore the onstage craft, learning a variety of methods and techniques. While at university he also cofounded and ran the school’s first longform episodic improv troupe and starred in USC’s longest running TV series.

After graduating he ran yet another improv troupe, added to his roster a sketch comedy troupe, and continues to train with Bill Alderson, Second City, and with whomever else will have him.

Karan is an accomplished tenor, trained in Hindustani and Carnatic classical music as well as contemporary styles. In addition to acting and singing, he enjoys writing, graphic design, programming, and concert lighting.

Karan Lyons

SAG-AFTRA Eligible Height: 6′0′′ (857) 544-9527 Weight: 120 lbs karan@karanlyons.com


My Anchor


Series Regular
Trojan Vision

New Media

We Thought This Was Funny

Theatre (selected)

Con-Man: A Musical
Billy (lead, originating)
USC, Dir. David Schweizer
The Skin of Our Teeth
Henry Antrobus
Nobles Theatre Collective
The Bald Soprano
The Fire Chief
Nobles Theatre Collective


B.A. Theatre
USC School of Dramatic Arts
Meisner Technique
William Alderson
William Alderson Acting Studio
Grad Revue
The Second City
Miles Stroth
The Pack Theater
Audition Technique
Margie Haber, Robin Dale Meyers
Margie Haber Studio
Killian McHugh
Killian’s Workshop
Scene Study
Mary-Joan Negro
USC School of Dramatic Arts
On Camera
Joseph Hacker, Andrei Belgrader
USC School of Dramatic Arts
Voice Over
Phil Allen, Vicki Lewis
USC School of Dramatic Arts
Marjo-Riikka Makela
USC School of Dramatic Arts
Katherine Giaquinto
Ovation Voice Studio


Singing (Tenor: Hindustani, Carnatic, Classical and Contemporary), Accents/Dialects (British RP, Indian, Southern, German), Improvisation (Five years running two troupes; Episodic longform and shortform)